New Perspectives on Appraisal

This module centres around a support functionality for appraisal processes developed in the PERICLES project. In the context of PERICLES, we are focusing on ways of automating or guiding the appraisal process taking into account changes in the demands for content, e.g. due to evolving community requirements or changes in the user community.

Intended target audiences
  • Professionals and prospective professionals in the field of data curation, repository management and digital preservation.
  • Producers/depositors of digital content.
  • Researchers exploring solutions for data / repository management and partial automation of the appraisal task
  • Teachers/trainers in this field
  • Solution providers for organisations in demand of solutions for data / repository management and digital preservation
Expected learning outcomes for the whole Module
  • Understand the motivation behind appraisal
  • Get an overview of current state of the art
  • Understand the difference types of appraisal and importance in the context of risk-impact assessment
  • Understand the methods and associated tools for automating the evaluation of specific appraisal criteria.
Level of advancement/ prerequisites  

A basic understanding of digital preservation workflows.

Chronological order of sub-modules  If you are not acquainted with the discussion on appraisal, then you should start with the overview in element one “What is it with appraisal?”
Relationship with other Modules (if applicable)