Policy management using the Policy Editor

This module aims to show how policy creation and management can be faciliated by using the PERICLES Policy Editor. The course will highlight the features and why we see those features to be beneficial. There is no prior knowledge required. Afterwards, students should have a better understanding of how policy creation and management can benefit from automation and interaction with existing infrastructures. In addition, we hope that this course will spawn critical thinking and that it invites both new ideas, new uses of existing ideas or reasons why current decisions might be suboptimal.

Intended target audiences
  • People interested in the creation and maintenance of policies and Data Management Plans.
Expected learning outcomes for the whole Module
  • Understand how the creation and management of policies can benefit from tools such as the Policy Editor.
  • Understand how policy management tools can benefit from interaction with other software.
Level of advancement/ prerequisites There are no particular prerequisites.
Parts in the Module Policy Editor presentation and demo.
Chronological order / Relationship with other Modules (if any) N/A, there is only one part in this module.
Estimated time required for completion of the module  About 1 hour in total.