Contextualising semantics

Contextualising semantics explores the ways in which technologies can be incorporated into the process of content annotation for Digital Preservation and beyond. The module focused on two automated tools drawing on computer science research which (a) relate to the generation of ontologies (‘PROPheT’) and (b) relate to the annotation of images (‘PeriCoDe’).



Intended target audiences
  • Digital Preservation professionals and students who are interested in learning more about cutting edge technologies in this area, but who are ultimately interested in the application of these tools into their own work.
  • Researchers exploring solutions for data management, digital preservation and image annotation
  • Teachers/trainers in this field
  • Solution providers for organisations in demand of solutions for data / repository management and digital preservation
Expected learning outcomes for the whole Module
  • The student will begin to appreciate the issues surrounding digital object annotation, with particular reference to ontologies and image annotation
  • Learn about two tools which address ontology population and image annotation.
Level of advancement/ prerequisites This course is mainly aimed at an Introductory/Intermediate levels; basic knowledge of, and interest in, digital preservation is expected. For the image annotation, more advanced expertise is required to implement PeriCoDe.
Chronological order of sub-modules Yes, but those familiar with the subject area may want to select parts of the module relevant to them
Relationship with other Modules (if applicable)