Sheer curation

This module explores sheer curation as a means and strategy of integrating curation activities into environments in which digital objects are created and altered, without affecting the workflows, data privacy, or performance of the environment.





Intended target audiences
  • Professionals and prospective professionals in the field of data curation, repository management and digital preservation.
  • Producers/depositors of digital content.
  • Researchers exploring solutions for data management and digital preservation
  • Teachers/trainers in this field
  • Solution providers for organisations in demand of solutions for data / repository management and digital preservation
Expected learning outcomes for the whole Module  

  • Understand the motivation behind promoting sheer curation
  • Get an overview of current tools and techniques for extraction and encapsulation
  • Understand what significant environment information is and how it supports long-term preservation
  • Understand what extraction and encapsulation tool can be applied for archiving and preservation
Level of advancement/ prerequisites An basic understanding of data curation and digital preservation. Elementary knowledge of metadata.
Chronological order of sub-modules All sub-modules can be read individually, though sub-module 2 would help understand sub-module 3, for the uninitiated users, and sub-module 1 and 3 would help understand the rationale behind the PET tool.
Relationship with other Modules (if applicable)