Ontology Engineering & Linked Data

This module focuses on the basic principles of ontology engineering, i.e. the best practices for developing “good” ontologies, followed by a brief introduction to Linked Data and the respective technologies.


Intended target audiences
  • Knowledge engineers interested in ontology engineering best practices.
  • Practitioners wishing to get familiarized with the emerging paradigm of Linked Data.
  • Researchers who are interested in getting a deeper insight into ontologies and the pertinent array of semantic technologies.
Expected learning outcomes for the whole Module
  • Understand what “ontology engineering” entails.
  • Learn the basic steps in ontology development.
  • Explore the key constructs comprising an ontology.
  • Understand what “ontology reuse” is and explore key existing third-party resources that can help you construct your own ontologies.
  • Get familiarized with popular open-source software tools for constructing and validating ontologies.
  • Get a better view of the Linked Data paradigm through a practical running example.
Level of advancement/ prerequisites Some basic knowledge of the fundamentals of HTML and XML would be helpful, though not absolutely essential.
Parts in the Module/chronological order
  1. Introduction
  2. Ontology Engineering
  3. Ontology Reuse
  4. Linked Data
  • Parts 2-3 should be consulted in the given order.
  • Part 3 can be done independently.
Relationship with other Modules (if any) It would help if Part 4 of the Module “Dynamics of Knowledge Organisation” was viewed prior to this Module.
Estimated time required for completion of the module The approximate time to complete the entire module is 2-4 hours.