From Metadata to Environment Information


This sub-module refers to the deliverable D4.1 Initial version of environment information extraction tools [Corubolo, F. et al (2014)]

Please refer to the further reading list for the names referenced to in [ ].

The section reflects the examination of previous work on identifying and representing the information for a digital object (DO) that is relevant to support the reuse of that object, in the long-term, across different user communities and for different purposes. We structure this examination by beginning with information that comes from the DO itself, then move beyond the DO with the aim of identifying a broader set of information that needs to be taken into account to better support DO reuse. We recognise that this classification is one among many; the aim is however to show one thread that leads us to the topic of Significant Environment Information.

Expected learning outcome    Understanding different perspectives taken with regards to information on the digital object.
Level of advancement Basic understanding of metadata and cataloguing
Elements in this Part
  1. Metadata (text)
  2. Significant Properties (text)
  3. Contextual Metadata (text)
  4. Environment Information (text)
  5. Supplementary information sources
Estimated time required for completion of the Part 30 min reading time